Select 6 Ways To be Slim with fashion

Every woman would want to look slimmer. A healthy diet and exercise can be a way out. However, choosing the right outfit can also be an alternative to look slim and attractive. As quoted from eHow below.

1. Horizontal Motif

If you think the vertical lines to give the illusion of slimmer, it could be that you are wrong. Scientists of the 19th century, Hermann von Helmholtz said horizontal motif actually makes people appear thinner. While the vertical 60 percent look wider.

2. Blending Colors
For those of you who have a plus size body, does not mean to always choose a dress all in black. Mix and match colors can still be done, as long as the proportions right. Wear light-colored clothing that you think at the most slender. It is intended that other points of view focused on the slender body.

3. Avoid Complicated Detail

Detailed elaborate on clothing will add volume to the body. Details such as wrinkle dress, pleated or puffy (bloating) should be avoided. Choose clothing that cut 'clean' or simply, that silhouette look smaller.

4. The width and the chest piece.

Wider chest piece or in (eg v-neck) will make the body look slimmer. Circumference of the chest piece that makes the body look slimmer.

5. Avoid Baggy Pants

Baggy pants or other pants that volume, not the right choice to appear more slender as it will give the impression of larger hips and thighs. For those of you who have big thighs, you should choose straight-cut pants or boot-cut.

6. Wear High Heels

No doubt, high heels will make legs look more level. For those of you who are not used to wearing high heels, start with the right size of 3-5 cm.


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