Choosing the Right Hat

Hats are fashion accessories that are owned by almost all women who follow fashion trends. Additional functions of a cap is to protect the head from the hot sun or add a special accent to be created. But not a few who choose not to wear a hat for some reason they do not know how to choose the right hat. With some guidance, women's hats can be important accessories of every woman's appearance.

1. Match the proportion hat with face and height. Women can use a higher brim hat as long as no more than shoulder width. If your face and body is petite, ladies accessories should be smaller than the average in order not to look lost in the hat.

2. Match the style of hat with face shape. Women should wear accessories round-faced women, the hat, the basin is high and wide rim. Oval face can use any style. For long-faced, best ladies accessories are hats with an outer suburb, but avoid the basin is high. Women faced the liver should avoid tall hat that its basin and the basin with medium wear with medium-sized brim. View the entire profile with hat you want to wear, do not see any the front appearances.

3. Consider color of the skin. If your skin is reddish, it would be better wearing a pink, red or silvery. For those of you who skinned and dark-complexioned, with any color hat still sound good. But ladies accessories this overhead when dark will accentuate your appearance.

4. Take control of your hair. There is no cap that would look good if only to cover the hair is not unkempt and messy. Even so a strand of hair under a hat looks good for softening the look with this one ladies accessories.

5. Consider the outfit or the dress you are wearing and the prevailing season. Apparel businesses require a more formal hat than dress your flowers. Avoid the urge to match all your fashion elements. If your jacket monochromatic color, try a patterned hat. Wear a leather jacket with a hat made ​​of wool. There should be coordination between the color of clothes and hats.

6. Ladies accessories such as hats in use must have a theme, make it look attractive and fashionable. Retort hats are outdated for a particular season. Similar to a baseball cap, only lowers your outer appearance



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