Classic Minimalist Theme Christian Dior in Hand Raf Simons

Latest collection of Christian Dior is back adorning the realm of fashion world. This time, in the hands of new designer, Raf Simmons. Previously, the designer John Galliano was fired from the racist comments.The combination of minimalist and classic shades so pronounced. This is shown in a fashion show held in Paris, Monday (02/07/2012). Dior introduces Dior fashion collection for fall - winter 2013
Raf back to the roots of the appearance of the signature Dior, the 'New Look' - a term intended Carmel Snow, the senior author of Harper's Bazaar to describe the first work of Christian Dior in 1947 that display the 'bar suit' suit silhouette hour glass combined with a pair of pipes.

Now, Raf represents the 'New Look' it into a pantsuit, jumpsuits, coats, dresses flare - the skirt wide, the top straight, with pieces of the 'sleek', giving the impression of a minimalist, shades are always synonymous with contemporary or modern.

Color choices are also quite modern neon colors, such as blue, yellow, red, and fuchsia.Also had a feminine feel in some fashion. For example, the use of floral motifs as seen in the flare mini dress paired with black trousers.

There is also, a black dress decorated with embroidered blue flowers on the skirt flare gown.

Not only the dresses, the decor fashion show venue, located near the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, feels so feminine.

The walls were covered with thousands of rose petals. Everything was somewhat reminiscent of the term 'flower women' - a typical Christian Dior silhouette.

Not without reason minimalist elements so apparent in this new collection. Because Raf, a new recruit's Paris fashion house in April, known as the designer who embraced minimalism style, just look at the collection of private label collection for Raf or Jil Sander.

Initially, there are many who doubt whether Raf minimalist style will match the style of the classic Dior memorable, sometimes sassy or naughty since John Galliano was present as a designer.

One of the doubters was Donatella Versace, who happened to be present at the fashion show."Before the show started, it is very difficult for me to imagine how Raf work at Dior. But when his first coming, everything is proven (beautiful)," he said as quoted from the pages of the Guardian.

Not only Donatella course, Marc Jacobs, Alber Elbaz and senior designer Pierre Cardin, the first to work for Dior, also praised debut collection of Belgian designer for Dior.

"He is 'successor' Dior true," said Pierre.

There is also, a black dress decorated with embroidered blue flowers on the skirt flare gown.
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