Vest, for sweeten fashions

Word or term "vest" is derived from French "Veste" which means the models a sleeveless shirt that covers the upper body. Vest was popularized by Charles II of England when he was a Prince of Wales in 1643. Originally used as a coating on top of underwear and vest more often used to layer under a heating mantle. Now, not only the vest worn by the boys or for any formal event. The material was so very diverse, ranging from denim, satin, knit and even fur.


Vest has traditionally been used for practical purposes. They serve as storage for those who work with tools, providing additional warmth in cold weather and serve as a means of identification when worn as a uniform or to make a biker or a runner looking driver at night. In the world of fashion where style meets function often vest, multi-purpose item, which has become a fashion staple.

As a fashion item, the vest can be worn in various ways and can add a touch of glamor to any look. Vest is suitable for formal occasions has a unique pattern or texture. To make the hippie look, wearing a vest with embroidery or beads. Rock star appeal, go for one with feathers or sequins. Vest works very well with simple or monochromatic ensemble and is the perfect way to give new life to an old skirt for a night in kota.Hindari vest that is too large as it can create the look boxy and flooded the small figure, Hiding With Disabilities and the Highlight Strength Vest.


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