Handbags Orchard, Burberry

Bag is an accessory that can transform the ordinary appearance. One bag is a favorite recent celebrity is handbags Orchard, Burberry output.

Hexagonal-shaped bags and large this is a new signature Burberry handbags. Bags Orchard launched in Burberry Prorsum fashion show for the Fall/Winter 2012. Comes in a variety of designs, ranging from games stripe pattern, sewing suppressed by beast-shaped metal ornament.

In the latest collection, the designer Christopher Bailey offer several color options that are identical with the feel of winter. Some of them, olive green, indigo blue, dark purple, bronze and black.

But several renowned artists such as Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was seen wearing a different bag designs Orchard on stage runway. Emma Stone and Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a bag made from calfskin Orchard, without any motive that is timeless.
Rosie Hunting-Whiteley, model as well as the star of 'Transformers' design handbags Orchard chose a more exciting, which is checkered with a decorative ribbon at the top of the bag. In addition, each side of bag also comes with a shiny leather material.

Large sizes and models that make casual bags Orchard suitable subject for daily activities because it can carry any purpose. Today in fashion. this bag tops worn with sock, a pencil skirt with peplum detail and ankle boots.


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