Choosing Clothing As Your Body Shape...

You are confused to find clothing that suits your body?? We have tips on choosing the perfect dress for you. Indeed, the clothes we wear should not be arbitrary, we have to think twice what the appropriate dress for us to wear, I'll look fashionable and elegant. The following tips can we summarize for you ...

 1. Tiny body

Choose clothes that can accentuate your body and maintain neatness. Avoid the skirt over your knees, because can make you look shorter. You can choose a knee-length skirt, so you look taller. What also needs to be avoided is the dress in layers because it will drown your body. Avoid pants with wide pipe model, because you will look more petite.

2. Straight body

For those of you who was straight, pay attention to how to add curves in your body. Tips for you is to choose tops or overalls with a piece at the waist or wear a belt / ribbon tied at the waist. Wear rimple that your lower body look more filled. tops with ruffles models also suggest to distract the eye from your body straight. Do not wear tight tops because it can make your body shape is.


3. Big hips

Shirts with dark colors will streamline your body parts, subordinate, simple or not much detail will give you the impression of sexy, pencil skirts and pencil skirts are very suitable for your use. For tops with details like wide collars and accessories will be filled with people looking away to the bottom of your body.


4. Body types with big arms
Model sleeveless dress or type of clothing with kapucon or hats, clothing is not suitable for major arms owners. Instead, choose a dress with ¾ sleeves or long sleeves. Model dress like this can help you a great arm cover.

To help arm the ideal body shape can do this exercise by holding dumbbells for 15 minutes a day. This can help improve the shape of your arms to be more ideal. That way, you will be more confident wearing sleeveless dresses.



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