Hair care easy way (1)

Hair care for long or short hair is not the same as the length of the hair more difficult to maintain, the following two models of care for the hair:

The short hair

Short hair is in need of healthy nutrition is good. The lack of protein and vitamins can make hair fall, dullness, redness, dandruff, and eventually fall out. Remember, vitamins and nutrients play a role in supporting the strength and health of the hair.

Keep hair protected from the sun by using a hat or umbrella because sunlight can disturb the health of your hair.

Use a towel to dry your short hair and rub gently in a way that your hair is not easily damaged or fall off.

The long hair

In order to grow long hair healthier, you consume the recommended good nutrition. Take a multivitamin and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that is used by you according to your hair type.

Use banana, honey and yogurt is useful as nutrients for the hair and makes the hair moist and shiny. Both are very useful to improve your long hair damage.


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