Hair care easy way (2)

Both men and women, would want to have a beautiful and healthy hair. Especially for women, hair is one of the beauty center for women. Hair is the crown of women, so the key to having beautiful hair is always keeping the hair's natural moisture. Hair Care is not easy if you do not understand and recognize the type of hair. Before doing hair treatments should familiarize yourself with the type of hair that can facilitate care for properly.

1. Oily Hair Care Tips
There are several causes so that the hair can be oily which is due to hereditary factors, and wash your hair too infrequently high hormonal activity. Use a mild shampoo and a special shampoo for oily hair like baby shampoos are also good. Wash your hair every day,

should rinse thoroughly with cold water, avoid rinse hair with warm water because it can make the scalp more oily. Oily hair care can use coconut oil or jojoba. Use just the tip-end condisioner ranbut only, and avoid using condisioner the hair shaft near the root of the hair. The friend also can use traditional materials with lemon, lemon juice is alurkan on the scalp and hair to reduce existing oil on the hair and scalp.

2. Hair Care Tips Fracture and Damage
If you have a broken and damaged hair then use a moisturizer that contains a lot condisioner. Avoid doing perms or coloring hair to hair in good condition. When you wash your hair should gently rub the hair on the scalp. For damaged hair breakage and make condisioner with yogurt. The trick is to mix a small package of plain yogurt, one egg white grains, and a tablespoon of honey. Should use to wet hair. Then let stand for about about 5 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Use 1 week 2 times if you want amazing results.

3. Dry Hair Care Tips
If you have any kind of dry and dull hair certainly is very disturbing appearance, in addition to this type of hair often matted and unruly, even the hair becomes weak and is very easy to fall off. Dry hair should be given extra moisture. You can make an easy conditioner, by way of make a mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise and one avocado. Stir evenly until the texture of avocado was soft. We recommend that you use the slightly damp hair while providing a light massage. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Use it regularly to have shiny hair and charming.

4. Hair Care Tips Difficult Regulated
If you have types of hair like this, it's tricky to take care of him. In addition to also fast hair tangled and difficult to set up and laid out neatly. The buddy should make their own conditioner easy enough for this type of hair. The trick is mixing the juice of one lemon, a quarter cup of olive and 2 eggs. Then apply the mixture on wet hair and scalp. Allow to dry, then rinse with clean water. Because olive oil will help the hair away from the tangle and easy to set up. Vitamins and nutrients from the eggs and oranges make hair shiny and healthy, and stimulate hair growth. Use up to 1 week 2 times to get amazing results.



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