Korean Hair Style Inspiration

Currently the Korean drama, too girl and boy band from Korea, was a bit much influence the trend of the world. This affects the appearance of a new girl and boy band-style Korean fashion style, girly makeup and even hair styles. Here is a Korean hair style trend that the darling of women in the world.

Wavy curly hair is thick and long.
Adult and feminine impression can be obtained with this wavy curly hair styles. Use a hair clip on extensions to lengthen and thicken your hair with an instant way.


Short Bob Hair.
Bob hair styles tend to be straight, giving the impression of a simple and chic make this hair style worn by many women to work in Korea.


High break off hair or messy bun.
This hairstyle gives the impression of cute, cute and casual, that characterize the style of most Korean teenagers. There are various types of braids that can be applied to these two braids, classic braid, french braid and Fishtail Braid.


Two braids of hair.
This hair style has always been a trend over time, twist the two gives the impression of casual and feminine.


Headbands with hair accessories.
Bando can always be counted on to give accent to a simple fashion. Choice of type and color of the headbands that can be customized to suit a variety of clothing and activities.


Style with a hairpin.
The form is simple is always preferred to equip the women hair styles. How to use can also be personalized. Frequently used in the Korean drama series is next flops. Flops can also be used to anticipate the bangs are too long.


Beanie hat as a sweetener.
Cold weather in Korea, requiring them to use this beanie type hat. In addition to warm, beanie hats can also be used as a complement to their fashion style.



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