Natural Face Make Up Tips

Professional Make Up & Make Up Natural different party Professional Make Up & Make Up Natural or day-to-day. The most important note is the selection of the appropriate color so that the impression is fresh and not so heavy on the face.

The steps that must be done when the make-up air is:

1. Use a moisturizer before applying foundation foundation so that the face is not dry and fresh look. Natural Makeup Furthermore mate Dab powder is soft and matches the color of your skin.

2. Choose a foundation that is very soft for Natural & Natural Makeup Makeup and a choice of one level lighter than your skin tone. Apply evenly on the face, neck, and ears.

3. Before applying eyeshadow, it would be nice if you use eye moisturizer that does not dry eyes and eye shadow stick perfectly and durable. Apply moisturizer eye on the entire eyelid evenly.
4. For natural impression, choose colors that are not too bright but not too dark. Colors like brown, brick red, orange, the colors are fairly representative of natural impression and fits perfectly with the different types of skin colors. When you've found a color that matches, Dab older color on the lower eyelid. At the top of Dab a brighter color. For the slanted eyes or small, this technique is used to make eyes look bigger and fresher.
5. For narrow or small eyes, dab a little too dark color (ex. dark brown that Professional Image, Professional Image & Make Up Make Up increasingly visible) on the boundary line between the lower and upper eyelids that eye line look more obvious. The eyes will seem larger.

6. For the formation of the eyebrows had to be done carefully, because the eyebrows function determines the character's face. For Natural Make Up & Natural Makeup for a modern and brown-skinned, it is better not to choose black eyebrow pencil because the color is actually load your face look darker and look old. We recommend using brown or copper color to show the impression of natural and young.

7. Provide shading for Professional Image, Professional Image & Make Up Make Up on specific parts that make the face more ideal. For example, given the shading on the jaw, left and right cheek, nose and forehead. Use brown color as shading, because brown is the color most neutral and least integrated with a variety of skin tones.

8. Use eyeliner on Make Up Professionals must also be very careful and full accuracy. Do not use eyeliner that looks uneven. Choose brown or black eyeliner to reinforce the eye line. We recommend that you use brown eyeliner under the eyes and the black used on the top of the eye. Also on the lower eyelids, dab red or brown brick making eyes look brighter and seem natural.

9. If you want to display the glamor or Make Up Professionals would not hurt if you sprinkle glitter on the hair, the neck, and chest. You can add accessories that fit with the concept of makeup you stretcher.


Choosing Jacket Fit to Body Shape

In the midst of uncertain weather, sometimes rainy, sometimes scorching heat, the jacket is an item that must be setup, other than umbrellas. Not only serves as the heating when the air is cold and rainy, jacket, made ​​from thick or thin can also protect us from the hot sun, so as not to directly attack the skin.

In addition, the jacket can be an addition to the style in dressing. A variety of models, ranging from accent zipper in the middle, asymmetrical buttoned up biker style allows us to remain fashionable in the weather conditions are always changing.

Although it's just a superficial clothing, we must carefully choose a jacket, sweater or cardigan. Select the appropriate model and the silhouette of the body shape, and make sure you fit in a jacket or sweater combined with all the models match the clothes you have.

Curvy body
This body shape is actually a near perfect body figure, but tends to look fat, because the more slender waist makes your chest and butt look big.

Do not cover your curvy body with long straight-cut jacket or oversized models, but highlight the curve of your body! Choose bright colors like green, cobalt blue, red, or fuchsia. You can also wear jackets line motif: but choose the vertical, for a horizontal line will make the body look wider. Choose a jacket with accents at the waist (can wear a belt) and 'hug' the body perfectly.

Pears body 
If your body is bigger in the hips, wear a coat or jacket cut A-line (wide down) with a wide collar. Avoid jackets that accentuate the waist and the belt is too big. 

Tiny Small Body
For owners of small or mini body, avoid wearing a long, thick coat, because your body will 'sink' in it. Fitted military-style jacket, or a jacket with pockets accent the most appropriate for The Tiny Body.

Choose dark colors like black, navy blue or plum, as it will give the effect of a longer body. To effect a fuller body, choose a jacket that has a vertical line on a piece of material, such as a jacket with collar length or accent stitching down.

Boyish or Straight
Layering technique (piles), or a jacket made ​​from thick to give the illusion of fuller body and grooved. Choose a thick sweater with a pattern chomboid shape (diamond), full figured or accentuate the chest. You also can choose jackets with ruffle detail on the sleeves, waist or chest.


Wide-Leg Pants, Pants Multipurpose

In addition to pipe pants (straight cut) and boot cut, there is an underwear model that you should have the basic items, the wide-cut pants or wide-leg pants.

Pants model is versatile, can be worn for formal events (office), or casual party. One of the classic style that can be obtained with these pants is to combine them with leotard (body suit) and a jacket or blazer.

For the party, mix with satin blouse accented in the chest (ruffle, ribbon) and equipped with a large belt decorated with rocks or a long necklace. You also can combine with batik blouse, with matching colored pants, add a belt as a sweetener.

As for the style of casual, pretty pair of wide-leg pants and a fitted t-shirt. You can also combine a camisole and cardigan knitting for feminine style.


One thing to note, do not pair with wide-leg pants with tops cut loose, especially if your body is boyish shaped or petite (small). Wear high-heeled shoes, such as wedges, ankle boots, stilettos or espadrilles. Flat shoes will make your pants 'wipe the floor' and seem less elegant.

Choosing Clothing As Your Body Shape...

You are confused to find clothing that suits your body?? We have tips on choosing the perfect dress for you. Indeed, the clothes we wear should not be arbitrary, we have to think twice what the appropriate dress for us to wear, I'll look fashionable and elegant. The following tips can we summarize for you ...

 1. Tiny body

Choose clothes that can accentuate your body and maintain neatness. Avoid the skirt over your knees, because can make you look shorter. You can choose a knee-length skirt, so you look taller. What also needs to be avoided is the dress in layers because it will drown your body. Avoid pants with wide pipe model, because you will look more petite.

2. Straight body

For those of you who was straight, pay attention to how to add curves in your body. Tips for you is to choose tops or overalls with a piece at the waist or wear a belt / ribbon tied at the waist. Wear rimple that your lower body look more filled. tops with ruffles models also suggest to distract the eye from your body straight. Do not wear tight tops because it can make your body shape is.


3. Big hips

Shirts with dark colors will streamline your body parts, subordinate, simple or not much detail will give you the impression of sexy, pencil skirts and pencil skirts are very suitable for your use. For tops with details like wide collars and accessories will be filled with people looking away to the bottom of your body.


4. Body types with big arms
Model sleeveless dress or type of clothing with kapucon or hats, clothing is not suitable for major arms owners. Instead, choose a dress with ¾ sleeves or long sleeves. Model dress like this can help you a great arm cover.

To help arm the ideal body shape can do this exercise by holding dumbbells for 15 minutes a day. This can help improve the shape of your arms to be more ideal. That way, you will be more confident wearing sleeveless dresses.