6 types of Jeans - Still on the jeans

It was, no day without wearing jeans. In fact, most people working in creative fields, fashion jeans are also a daily office. Although using the same denim material, jeans have been developed with a variety of shapes and designs, to suit the tastes and needs of its users. For you, 6 types of jeans can be held to be worn in different situations. 

1. Boot-Cut 
Boot-cut jeans models including classic and can be used at any time. This model extends from the calf down, making it suitable for a wide hips for balance wide hips with wide leg pants. Wear a pair of high heels, then you can dress up with these jeans.

2. High-Waist 

80s and 90s, high-waisted pants worn by anyone. But not in this era of the 2000s. High-waist jeans into a fashion-forward alternative, because not everyone dare to wear. You can show off in jeans belt, as long tops are usually only up to the waist, or tucked into pants. Flat shoes or high heels (to give the impression of more height) can be used.

3. Straight-Leg 

This model also includes classic and versatile, with a standard width of a pair of 43 cm. If you wear jeans dark, you can wear tops that more neatly. While the jeans with a color that gives the impression of a younger more relaxed.

4. Boyfriend Jeans 

The use of this jeans popularized by Katie Holmes, who a few months ago had appeared several times in public wearing jeans for men. This gives the impression of casual jeans with a rip-rupture models, and with a rolled-up pants legs. You can wear it in a casual atmosphere, with flat tops and shoes are feminine.

5. Skinny 

Since Nicole Richie popularized a few years ago, skinny jeans are still found in many clothing stores. Unfortunately, skinny jeans can be worn by the slim-hipped, and less can be worn on formal occasions. Wear high boots or flat shoes during the day, or platform shoes in the evening.

6. Trouser 

Jeans are also classified as a classic, with a flat front detail. Because the model is quite tidy and simple, you can wear to the office. 

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Trend of Jeans in the Summer of 2012

Convenience is the main reason people when wearing jeans. Interestingly, in recent years jeans are no longer present in her color palette of indigo or dark. As quoted from Millionlooks, the following selection of jeans that is becoming a trend in the summer of 2012.

1. Clear color 

Summer synonymous with bright colors. No wonder if the designers and famous bran jeans offers red, orange, green and electric blue tosca. For those who want to appear 'safe', you can combine them with tops white, beige, gray or playing with other bright colors with color-blocking technique.

2. Pastel palette

 Summer of 2012 this time is dominated by pastel colors. You can choose jeans beige, mint green, pink salmon, and lemon yellow blouse and wear it with a feminine cut, shoe wedges or espadrilles.

3. Bustling patterned 

Motif trend affects all women's fashion items, including jeans. Florals, Ducts, leopard, to become a Rorschach motifs are found in stage mode. Wear with your boss or supervisor who is also patterned plain but still attractive.

4. Skinny Crop 

Skinny crop jeans would look perfect when worn by those who was petite and had legs. If you do not fall under the category of the foot, you should avoid wearing a cut above the ankle. That's because the crop Skinny jeans for the balance of the foot in length so as not to be too towering.

5. Bleached Jeans 

Effects of bleach on the jeans are already popular since a few seasons ago. But you can make it more 'fashionable' by wearing a cut-off or berdetail berdetail fringe.

6. High Waist Jeans 

Since the boss 'ngatung' or crop top is so popular, I wonder if cut high-waist jeans come to be popular and latest trends. Cover your navel with your stomach and jeans that fit the shape of the body. Another benefit of high-waist jeans give the illusion of legs.

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History of Jeans Pants

In 1850's a 21-year-old boy, Levi Strauss, arrived in San Francisco, USA, he was from Bavaria, Europe, to try his luck in America, he did not realize that he is beginning to create a history that became America's greatest contribution to world fashion until now.

Strauss tried to sell canvas tents of the diggers to the goldfields. That time, America is being hit by gold fever. Not that interested in the offer of Strauss, the miners were brought pants instead asked. Levi's name was born when the miners who are addicted to Levi pants, look for "Those pants of Levi's" (a pair of Levi's) made of denim. In America, the word "Levi's" is synonymous with jeans.

The word "jeans" is now attached to the denim comes from the French word Genes, which means Genoa, the city that produces denim pants in Italy, which actually comes from Nimes in France. The term blue jeans, when Levi denim dyeing it with indigo color and labeling to demonstrate the authenticity of homemade jeans.

Generically, jeans are often referred to as word DENIM, denim is woven cotton. Original color is white and blue yarn whose origins are from a town in France: Nimes is the origin of the word denim is Serge de Nimes.

In those days, jeans are identical as clothing for laborers who work outside the space, because it is the original denim made ​​of cotton has a remarkable resilience to face the harsh environment.

It has been over a century, after a pair of Levi jeans popularized. Now a pair of jeans, or denim remains popular even to the next grade as a world famous designer products. In fact denim, a product of the designers who worked in Paris, a city that prioritizes elegance. Of course denim experienced periods of falling-up before he got the position as at present.   

In the 1940's denim has actually been processed into product mode in the form of dresses, skirts, jackets, and trousers. Denim reached peak popularity in the 1970s when mass produced jeans.

In the era of the 1970's when the West hit "endemic" hippie, jeans became one of the attributes attached to them, became a symbol of rebellion against the establishment. Not infrequently the "rebels" were deliberately tearing their pants jeans to emphasize their opposition to the establishment.

Those, who consider themselves followers of fashion, had no interest in jeans. Then evolve over jeans as a shirt for a blue-collar workers in America. Jeans are even identical with the work of the cowboy outfit while herding their cattle from their horses.

Wheel mode until at a period when the idea was taken from anywhere, from any time, and then assembled into a new form for people today. This mixing of colored people's lives after the 1970's, but are felt in the fashion of the 1990's and continued until now.

Before taking denim designer, from the wardrobe of the working class and make it sparkle as a product designer, the designer has first to take the style of dress of particular groups such as the punk community, the community of surfers, community of gothic style, and so forth.

Resurrection of denim, as a product designer's most conspicuous place in the 1990s when Tom Ford of Gucci fashion house picked up a pair of jeans as his fashion statement.

Ford is a designer who admired for their design genius managed to raise the prestige of Gucci, offering color faded denim pants torn in many places. Ford makes the sparkling blue jeans, so she added decorative feathers on the front bottom of his pants, pearls and sequins that menyulamkan jeans is worthy of the name Gucci. 
Madonna joined mempulerkan return of jeans through her ​​world tour with a theme using a cowboy theme clothes. Similarly famous singers such as Britney Spears and Shakira, they were seen several times using denim in their music video clips.

Not just Ford, who saw an opportunity jeans along with the return of mood swings in the direction of a more casual style, especially among white-collar work in the field of information technology in America. Other designers were competing to redesign jeans. Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and Christian Dior, just a few big names in the fashion business who tries to take advantage of the return of a pair of jeans. Even John Galliano who worked for Christian Dior fashion house, still using one of the denim in high fashion designs for fall and winter 2002/2003.

In the real world, variation of jeans is very diverse, ranging from a variety of color, classic style, a sequined, which made ​​up the color faded in part by the sharp contrast. The model continues to change, baggy, wide on the bottom end of the pipe, tightly wrap the foot, as long pants, a pair of three-fourths, to hotpants. Which is now in vogue is the hipster, denim pants worn at the hip, and recently narrowed the model down to a model called a pencil. Any variation undertaken, but in blue indigo denim is always associated as a culture of casual clothing

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A scarf or shawl in a dress

The Origin of Scarves
In ancient times, especially during the Greek and Roman use of scarves has been widespread. The people of that era called scarves as 'sudarim' which literally means the cloth sweat. People wear them to absorb sweat while working or traveling during the hot weather.
During the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, the scarf has been used by the nobility to show the class and social strata. This is due to the opening of trade routes from the Far East to China that brought exotic items, fabrics and materials including the finest silk. At that time, only the rich and the nobility who could afford it. Light emitting natural silk sheen of the best natural fibers can be produced. This is the material of choice for this scarf, and until now silk scarf is a material that is still the most sought after.

Scarf or Shawl usefulness
Use or benefit of scarves, shawls functionally basically used in touch with the weather or exposure to outside elements. They can be used to provide extra warmth, especially during the winter that needs to be used extensively throughout the day. Even if not in the winter, when it will come out in the cold and windy night, the scarf will be required for additional warmth with a neck wound. Of course, the benefits that users get the most basic of these is a stylish accessory, a mode that augment or enhance the style and your style so it does not look boring with clothes that exist now.
The addition of a simple scarf to dress can make you look more graceful, or if you dare to try wearing a bandana or small scarves that will drastically alter your style instantly. Scarves can be used to perform with any style and can be combined with any outfit in your closet, provided that the design fit and complement each other. There are endless possibilities and you as the user will benefit from all that.
Related links: neck warmer to prevent cervical disease. In addition to a scarf around the neck during the day, tonight you can use a hot water bottle neck, and topical. Do not wear a scarf that is used together even cover the neck with his mouth method. Cover your nose and mouth with a scarf because when the shedding of fibers, dust, bacteria enter the body with the breath, make the people suffer from breathing diseases.

How to choose a scarf?
Lane scarf with lots of ways to wear clothes without collar, long scarf around the neck to the circle, one after a long delay by hanging. Once the perimeter of the neck, which was thrown back with two long sections, cross in a circle back to keep him. Hedging wearing a turtleneck, you can use a long scarf or knot in the chest in order to clamp to the muffler, two lengths with natural droop. Wearing a coat collar, could be a long scarf looped around his neck near, and then play in front of Raozhi slipknot, so that the neck rise. The simplest one is not tied directly over the chest, especially for thick veil material.
Using a square or triangle scarf, it can be: a big collar shirt wearing, scarf folded width of the post, before the nodes in the neck, at the bottom of doll clothes, scarves can also be folded into smaller parts, and then left in the neck or the right side of the knot , pay attention to the other side of one end and pay about two times, instead of killing the knot, tie a knot in the flat.

How to choose the color of the scarf suit?
The main color in accordance with scarf scarf style is the essence of the whole. Should be based on personality, temperament, attitude of the principle of unity of color and color choices to coordinate with the appropriate scarf. There are three common colors are similar and reflected color.
People who love red shirt, the color can be chosen in green scarf taboo, and yellow with yellow scarves to be better coordinated. Similarly, brown camel brown suit must be based color matching scarf, with a black suit with a gray flowers (also called soot) will look perfect shawl. If beige, white suit, a white scarf to indicate style electoral system, elegant and polite close to the color reflected. Like for example, orange or red orange scarves, can also be combined dark green or dark blue scarf matching blue yellow or orange yellow scarf, a good example of contrasting colors.
Color configuration can increase the sense of fun and excitement. Contrasting colors and reflected. Milk white, pure white coat with red scarf, a light gray suit with a red or yellow scarf. With the combination will appear colorful, majestic. Like a blue suit with an orange scarf, but also eye-catching. Contrast the above with color and reflected in part. (from a variety of sources) 

Hair Trend 2012

Hair Trend 2012 can not be separated from the three main keys, namely film, retrospection and experimentation. Hair Trend 2012 has started since the end of 2011 yesterday. We can see by the iconic 2012 hair trends of the '60s still holds the reins of Brigitte Bardot role model in almost every era since its heyday. The 2012 is completely filled with a variant of a hairstyle that you were able to apply for a variety of formal or casual occasions. Flexibility is considered to attract the attention of lovers of the world's haircut.

1. Very short bangs
Perhaps you are wondering what makes the hair style skinhead girls in the UK, like the short haircut a la Demi Moore are hip in the 90's thanks to the movie Ghost, so even very short bangs models in the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo filmed David Fincher.

  Bangs Short Women Korean Hairstyle Trends 2012

2. Piled up and pinned
One more model is very easy to apply, yet elegant effect at a time. As the name suggests, pile up and flops, you can simply lift the top three sections of your hair, then pinned and
Piled up the bottom after the merge again.
 piled up pinned hair sophie van den akker 

3.  Long and wavy
The name that appears first is Julia Roberts when we mention this point. Many years of beautiful actresses in Hollywood are consistent uses this hairstyle, but only next year a new observers were accepted as a role model.
Special note, your haircut should be coated from the inside out so that the future can be better regulated. Make sure your hair is too long and are not too short because it will be difficult to be balanced with the lining.

4. Half up styles typical of Brigitte Bardot
We know Brigitte Bardot as the most seductive icon in the era. 2012 will document the model on her hair half up that could boom in the 60's in order to enhance the section that applies to any person.
This model is a direct effect against the shape of the face and head. Hair so it looks more volume, of course. And just need a simple step to form a half up right above your head. Take a little hair on the side of the upper, left and right, then merge into one. Such as stacked hairstyles and flops, this one fits the style is applied in formal and casual occasions.
5.  Frizzy hair
No kidding, this is the experimentation for the critics to make it hip haircut next year. Inspired by the blaxploitation films of the 70s and soul / R & B, frizzy hair took part as a form of life again (revival). Erykah Badu is a role model for this style.
In addition to the model, experiments on hair color as well be a difference between frizzy in the 70's by 2012. Frizzy 2012 more emphasis on the effects of soft and dreamy. Then choose the right color is chocolate caramel style.
  meg ryan hairstyles Meg Ryan Haircut 2012 

It's a little late to publish it, but hopefully can inspire you in the middle of this year. Find your style here!!  (kopas.com and others)