7 Types of Bag Trends Winter 2012

Winter is synonymous with dark colors and simple shape of fashion items. However, the trend for 2012, many famous designers who issued a collection of distinctive handbags winter but does not look boring. As quoted from Millionlooks, following selection of handbags that is becoming a trend in the winter of 2012.

The end of winter means are synonymous with dark colors and simple shape of fashion items. But for the trend this winter, many designer bags are issued a collection of typical winter but does not look boring. As quoted from Millionlooks, following the selection of handbags trend in winter 2012.

1. Fur BagAlthough not very practical, but bermaterial fur bags give a luxurious look and glamor typical winter. Choice of bags made from feathers offered in winter 2012 range from white fur bag with strap accents that can be strapped to the arm of Michael Kors, a large handbag made of long fur with black and white ombre color of Louis Vuitton, to clutch bag made from feathers gently from Christian Dior with a mix of pink and gray beautiful.

2. Clear colorWinter is synonymous with a dark color, but for this year do not be surprised if you find a brightly colored bag style summer fashion scene. Many famous designers who want to create something different for the winter collection, such as Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton handbags are both issued yellow mustard. Ralph Lauren also released a multifunctional handbag that can be used as sling bag crocodile skin patterned with bright green color.

3. CarryallFor women who have busy schedules and want to still look 'fashionable', large handbags can be the right choice. Shapes ranging from rectangular shapes such as Chloe and Victoria Beckham collection, oval with a line pattern as a collection of Marc Jacobs, square with chain detail and colorful rocks from Dolce & Gabbana, to the hexagonal shape of Louis Vuitton can be found in the winter collection 2012.

4. Tiny BagContrary to the previous kind handbags, small size bag is perfect for formal events. Designers are issued a small-sized handbag in his collection include Dolce & Gabbana with a small bag of black berdetail chains and pearls, as well as Emilio Pucci with strappy chain sling bag is very interesting due to the selection of bright green color and its vintage.

5. Shoulder BagsShoulder bag is one of the timeless bags. But for many this winter shoulder bag a unique look. Examples are purple suede bag with a distinctive motif Quilted Chanel, and berdetail studded red bag from Valentino.

6. Leather BagA leather material most widely worn during the winter. Leather bags are offered in the winter 2012 collection is very diverse, especially when viewed from the color selection. Jason Wu offers silver and gold colored handbag sparkling, Gucci and Jil Sander still choose classic colors such as black, while Marc Jacobs issued a maroon handbag in his collection.

7. Clutch BagClutch bag has always been and will continue to be a favorite of the 'fashionista'. For those of you who want to use a clutch bag for day-to-day activities of the handheld bag black-gold simple Ralph Lauren could be an option, and a Victorian-style clutch bag with brocade detail and pearl collection of Dolce & Gabbana, it could be a complement to your evening dress.