Trend of Jeans in the Summer of 2012

Convenience is the main reason people when wearing jeans. Interestingly, in recent years jeans are no longer present in her color palette of indigo or dark. As quoted from Millionlooks, the following selection of jeans that is becoming a trend in the summer of 2012.

1. Clear color 

Summer synonymous with bright colors. No wonder if the designers and famous bran jeans offers red, orange, green and electric blue tosca. For those who want to appear 'safe', you can combine them with tops white, beige, gray or playing with other bright colors with color-blocking technique.

2. Pastel palette

 Summer of 2012 this time is dominated by pastel colors. You can choose jeans beige, mint green, pink salmon, and lemon yellow blouse and wear it with a feminine cut, shoe wedges or espadrilles.

3. Bustling patterned 

Motif trend affects all women's fashion items, including jeans. Florals, Ducts, leopard, to become a Rorschach motifs are found in stage mode. Wear with your boss or supervisor who is also patterned plain but still attractive.

4. Skinny Crop 

Skinny crop jeans would look perfect when worn by those who was petite and had legs. If you do not fall under the category of the foot, you should avoid wearing a cut above the ankle. That's because the crop Skinny jeans for the balance of the foot in length so as not to be too towering.

5. Bleached Jeans 

Effects of bleach on the jeans are already popular since a few seasons ago. But you can make it more 'fashionable' by wearing a cut-off or berdetail berdetail fringe.

6. High Waist Jeans 

Since the boss 'ngatung' or crop top is so popular, I wonder if cut high-waist jeans come to be popular and latest trends. Cover your navel with your stomach and jeans that fit the shape of the body. Another benefit of high-waist jeans give the illusion of legs.

by: wolipop.detik.com


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