A scarf or shawl in a dress

The Origin of Scarves
In ancient times, especially during the Greek and Roman use of scarves has been widespread. The people of that era called scarves as 'sudarim' which literally means the cloth sweat. People wear them to absorb sweat while working or traveling during the hot weather.
During the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, the scarf has been used by the nobility to show the class and social strata. This is due to the opening of trade routes from the Far East to China that brought exotic items, fabrics and materials including the finest silk. At that time, only the rich and the nobility who could afford it. Light emitting natural silk sheen of the best natural fibers can be produced. This is the material of choice for this scarf, and until now silk scarf is a material that is still the most sought after.

Scarf or Shawl usefulness
Use or benefit of scarves, shawls functionally basically used in touch with the weather or exposure to outside elements. They can be used to provide extra warmth, especially during the winter that needs to be used extensively throughout the day. Even if not in the winter, when it will come out in the cold and windy night, the scarf will be required for additional warmth with a neck wound. Of course, the benefits that users get the most basic of these is a stylish accessory, a mode that augment or enhance the style and your style so it does not look boring with clothes that exist now.
The addition of a simple scarf to dress can make you look more graceful, or if you dare to try wearing a bandana or small scarves that will drastically alter your style instantly. Scarves can be used to perform with any style and can be combined with any outfit in your closet, provided that the design fit and complement each other. There are endless possibilities and you as the user will benefit from all that.
Related links: neck warmer to prevent cervical disease. In addition to a scarf around the neck during the day, tonight you can use a hot water bottle neck, and topical. Do not wear a scarf that is used together even cover the neck with his mouth method. Cover your nose and mouth with a scarf because when the shedding of fibers, dust, bacteria enter the body with the breath, make the people suffer from breathing diseases.

How to choose a scarf?
Lane scarf with lots of ways to wear clothes without collar, long scarf around the neck to the circle, one after a long delay by hanging. Once the perimeter of the neck, which was thrown back with two long sections, cross in a circle back to keep him. Hedging wearing a turtleneck, you can use a long scarf or knot in the chest in order to clamp to the muffler, two lengths with natural droop. Wearing a coat collar, could be a long scarf looped around his neck near, and then play in front of Raozhi slipknot, so that the neck rise. The simplest one is not tied directly over the chest, especially for thick veil material.
Using a square or triangle scarf, it can be: a big collar shirt wearing, scarf folded width of the post, before the nodes in the neck, at the bottom of doll clothes, scarves can also be folded into smaller parts, and then left in the neck or the right side of the knot , pay attention to the other side of one end and pay about two times, instead of killing the knot, tie a knot in the flat.

How to choose the color of the scarf suit?
The main color in accordance with scarf scarf style is the essence of the whole. Should be based on personality, temperament, attitude of the principle of unity of color and color choices to coordinate with the appropriate scarf. There are three common colors are similar and reflected color.
People who love red shirt, the color can be chosen in green scarf taboo, and yellow with yellow scarves to be better coordinated. Similarly, brown camel brown suit must be based color matching scarf, with a black suit with a gray flowers (also called soot) will look perfect shawl. If beige, white suit, a white scarf to indicate style electoral system, elegant and polite close to the color reflected. Like for example, orange or red orange scarves, can also be combined dark green or dark blue scarf matching blue yellow or orange yellow scarf, a good example of contrasting colors.
Color configuration can increase the sense of fun and excitement. Contrasting colors and reflected. Milk white, pure white coat with red scarf, a light gray suit with a red or yellow scarf. With the combination will appear colorful, majestic. Like a blue suit with an orange scarf, but also eye-catching. Contrast the above with color and reflected in part. (from a variety of sources) 


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